Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LA State Sen. Elbert Guillory critiques Obama's swagger and failure as P...

After an amazing dinner in Lake Charles, LA we waited to see Gov. Mike Huckabee and were engaged with what he had to share.  But LA State Sen. Elbert Guillory stole the show with his own report card of Barack Obama's performance as President of the U.S.  you may remember Mr. Guillory making news months ago when he announced his change from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party based on the awful shift the Democratic Party has made over the years.  Welcome Mr. Guillory!

Here's a quick clip from last night's dinner we caught.

Friday, October 11, 2013

What if a dad acted like Obama during a "shutdown"?

When a President acts like a little child and tries to inflict as much pain on a country as possible, it's called a "shutdown".  But how's it look when the leader of a household does the same?  Check it out...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech doesn't apply to Obama

I just watched President Obama give a speech on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's historic "I Have A Dream" speech.  While it was well written and well delivered, it's content was as hollow as a chocolate Easter bunny.  The one thing plaguing the black community right now that is obvious to everyone with a pulse even if many don't want to publicly acknowledge it, is clear: lack of accountability.  And Barack Obama once again ignored it. 

As much as I despise President Obama and his anti-American, anti-Christian, socialist ways, he is the one person in this nation that those black men who are out of control and refusing to hold themselves accountable would listen to.  But he ignored his chance to help them.  I asked myself "why?"

Then I thought about this: Barack Obama is an unaccomplished black man (prior to being President, of course) who became President of the United States ONLY because he is black.  That's right, I said it.  Barack Obama was elected President only because of the color of his skin. 

If Barack Obama were white he'd be just another mouthy, well spoken politician who lies to get votes, has a horrible past worth covering up, who's never held a real job, and who couldn't get a real job in the private sector as a yard boy even if you gave him a lawn mower.  We have about 500 less than ordinary people just like him in Congress today.  

Think about who voted for Barack Obama.  90% of blacks who voted in record numbers voted for Barack Obama.  I have heard with my own ears many blacks who claim that the only reason they voted for Obama was because he was black.  Well, if he were white he would not have gotten those votes.  

And then there's the white voters who voted based on guilty feelings of America's horrible past involving slavery.  By putting an Obama sticker on their Prius in October of 2008 these softies somehow had their racist ancestors' pasts erased even if they did drop a few "N-words" around the office that same day.  As a white candidate, Obama wouldn't have gotten those votes. 

Then there's the "I'm so hip because I voted for the black guy" voters.  These are the MTV voters who don't know the difference between the House of Representatives and the House of Blues.  They are told who to vote for because they're too stupid to make a choice on their own.  Ironically, many of these young idiots end up becoming Republicans once they sober up, get out of school, and get a real job.  Obama would not have received those votes if he were white. 

So why doesn't Barack Obama support Martin Luther King's mission of equality?  Because as soon as Barack Obama isn't considered special because he's black, he becomes just another...well, mouthy, well spoken politician who lies to get votes, has a horrible past worth covering up, who's never held a real job, and who couldn't get a real job in the private sector as a yard boy even if you gave him a lawn mower. 

With true equality, Barack Obama simply becomes another less-than-average egomaniac with a big mouth who would have suffered Dukakis-like defeats in any election, including his Senate run and 2008 would have been an historic election for another reason: because America would have just elected its first female President of the United States. 

Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America ONLY because of the color of his skin - certainly not the content of his character.